The best city for single #bossbabe homebuyers is…

Who says you need to be part of a couple to buy home? Being single doesn’t compromise your #bossbabe status, and there’s a big market for these strong, independent homebuyers that proves it. released a list of the top places to set down real-estate roots if you’re riding solo (which is helpful to know considering single ladies are buying more homes than single men). After synthesizing factors like crime rates, walkability, access to public transportation, and even the cost of dinner, a handful of great places emerged…and based on the findings, you might consider scoping out the boutique fitness offerings in Ohio.

According to the press release, the Cincinnati-Wilmington-Maysville, Ohio, market was triumphant as the best city for single homebuyers based on average home value, median female income, annual crime rate, transit/walkability rating, and—arguably most important—average cost of dinner for two.

The Cincinnati-Wilmington-Maysville, Ohio, market was triumphant as the best city for single homebuyers.

Other markets in the top 10 included Dallas, Minneapolis, and Hartford. And while next 10 markets on the list include bigger cities like NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the first batch is 70 percent more affordable.

But before you pack your bags, take the happiest state and most stressed-out city in America into consideration too.

Here’s how to transform your home into a healthy, Instagram-worthy oasis. And if you’re in the market to add some modern touches to your space, check out Target’s new collection.

This first-of-its-kind online farmers’ market is the most natural food-delivery service

There’s nothing like hitting up your local farmers’ market on the weekend: You get fresh fruits and veggies from the source, which are perfect for both eating and churning out natural DIY projects. But if you’d rather have farm-fresh food delivered straight to your door, this delivery service has your produce-loving back.

Instead of buying produce that’s been hanging out in a warehouse or on a grocery store shelf for days, your haul will beeline from the farm to your belly.

Functioning as a Seamless or GrubHub for farmers’ markets, WildKale is a newly launched company that connects sustainable, small, family-run farms directly to the consumer. By cutting out the middlemen retailers, farmers are able to make more money on their goods, but the advent is also good news for you: Instead of buying produce that’s been hanging out in a warehouse or on a grocery store shelf for days, your haul will beeline from the farm to your belly.

“The food is going to be better, it’s going to be fresher, and we wanted to give that opportunity to everyone—all the families who want to eat better and farmers to increase their business,” Ana Jakimovska, WildKale founder, told Fast Company.

So, how does it work? The online platform has a virtual farmstand where you can select your order and then receive almost immediately through overnight delivery. And, there’s no subscribing: You can shop à la carte from farms within a 300-mile radius to your home.

Right now, the service is available in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, with a $30 order minimum (which carries a $6 flat-rate shipping fee).

Not to worry, veggie-heads outside the delivery range: Even though WildKale is only available in the Northeast at the moment, the company already has claims it plans to expand.

Here are seven winter veggies (and recipes!) to try once the weather gets cold. Curious about the healthiest way to cook your vegetables? Here’s what you should know.

Blackberries add an antioxidant boost to this late-summer cocktail

Laura Silverman
The Outside Institute Laura Silverman; Photo: Bettina Lewin

It’s essentially a farmers’ market shopping requirement to stock up on the season’s luscious ripe berries these last few warm-weathered weeks. And sure, you already may use ’em in your a.m. smoothie, but there’s a way to incorporate them into your at-home happy hour, too. Leave it to our resident cocktail recipe creator Laura Silverman, founder of The Outside Institute, to come up with a libation that not only has a fruit-forward taste, but is practically overflowing with antioxidants. Behold, the Black Beauty.

“This cocktail plays blackberries’ complex sweetness against fruity red vermouth and bright mint,” Silverman says. “Vermouth was originally [used] for medicinal purposes—way back in the day—and is still made with a long list of herbs and bittering agents, many of which support the liver and digestive system.”

So sure, having this drink sans alcohol would be even better for your body, but as far as cocktails go, this one is pretty darn healthy. And, bonus, the only sweeteners used come straight from the earth.

Scroll down to get the recipe for this fruity gin cocktail.

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The astrological guide to crushing it at work this fall

To thrive in your work, look to the stars for guidance, says Jennifer Racioppi, an astrologer and career coach. Her celestially minded advice can help you identify opportunities to forge ahead (or hold back!) and achieve success, however you define it. Here, in the first of a quarterly series of career-focused astrology forecasts for Well+Good, Racioppi reveals how you can harness the power of planetary movement—and wrap up 2017 on a stellar note. 

These days, professional women are expected to have it all: fantastic health, thriving relationships, career clarity, remarkable talent, an almost intangible combination of grace and grit. This high bar sometimes feels less like encouragement and more like crushing pressure, especially if expectations lead to overwhelming stress and burnout. Thankfully, in modern times of spiritual curiosity, the ancient wisdom of astrology provides a much-needed road map on the path to achieving purpose-driven success (despite the insane expectations).

Definitions of achievement might involve climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, managing a business created from the ground up, or anything in between. It can feel overwhelming to figure out what you want to do, and once you know your goals, executing them can feel even more daunting—especially when you don’t have astrological knowledge on your side.

Now’s the time to tune into astrology to help strategize your success.

Astrology contains practical how-tos on managing time and relationships, living and leading from your strengths. It can also clarify murky topics such as life purpose and career direction. More than just entertainment, knowing and leveraging astrology provides ambitious, career-driven women with a competitive edge. You may just find it becomes your secret weapon to success.

As the final quarter of 2017 commences, now’s the time to tune into astrology to help strategize your success, especially as night and day find their way into equal proportions this fall equinox.

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