4 Ways Yoga Helps Your Regular Workouts

Are you one of those people who doesn’t do yoga because you think it’s not a good workout? You believe that flowing through a sequence of postures simply cannot bring you the same benefit that comes from a heart-pounding cardio kettlebell and interval-training routine? Or maybe it’s the sitting still part of yoga that drives you crazy. Those long holds which constantly kick up a sea of emotions while sending your to-do list into a swirl around your brain is not your thing. And you probably already have a friend or two who raves on about the amazing yoga class …

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Barre Bootcamp- join the fun!

Hey hey! How are you? Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Before I hop into the usual weekend recap, I wanted to announce that Fall Barre Bootcamp registration is officially open! Spots will go quickly, so if you’d like to join in the fun, grab yours here.

Fitnessista's Barre Bootcamp

Barra photos 12

Here’s a little bit more about barre bootcamp:

What is it?

A 4-week full workout calendar (plus options if you have less than 30 minutes to work out)

5 videos to watch and follow from anywhere (Barre Strength, Total Body Barre, Lower Body Burn, Barre Blast + BONUS Pilates Abs, led by my incredible Pilates instructor friend, Katie Surridge)

Daily motivation and inspiration through daily emails and a private Facebook group

Modifications for beginners and low-impact

Live Facebook parties and check-ins (with 2 bonus LIVE workouts)

An amazing community of others who are committed to this effective and FUN workout!

These are some of the awesome comments from our last challenge’s Facebook group:

Barre comments

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Each video is available separately for $12:

Barre Blast

Total body barre

Barre Strength

Lower Body Burn

(Videos are yours to keep after purchasing. You can download the videos, or stream them directly from Gumroad after logging in with your account)

Or for $34, you can join in the full challenge (and receive the 4 videos + a free BONUS Pilates Abs, along with all of the benefits above). Click here! The price will jump to $39 on Friday if we still have spots available.

Barre bootcamp videos

If you have any questions, please send me an email or comment below. I’m so excited for this one, and it will be the last challenge of this year. Let’s start off the fall and holiday season feeling strong and energized. 				<script type=

This pumpkin spice protein pancake recipe from healthy chef Lily Kunin is a Saturday morning game-changer

Lest you think your pumpkin spice (everything) obsession began and ended with your coffee order, healthy chef Lily Kunin has created another delicious way to incorporate the seasonal blend into your breakfast routine. Here the Clean Food Dirty City founder and Well+Good Council member shares her fave fall pancake recipe.

When I first started cutting out gluten, my mind was hardwired to avoid anything that contained the word “wheat.” But then I discovered buckwheat, which is low on the glycemic scale and helps balance your blood sugar. Plus, it’s high in protein and fiber, so it supports digestion and keeps you full and energized longer.

Because of its slightly nutty and cinnamon flavor, buckwheat is one of my favorite gluten-free flours for baking—it’s actually a seed, BTW. When you incorporate it into a pancake recipe, the result is a lighter and fluffier flapjack. I prefer a darker flour—buckwheat flours differ in color from light to dark, and the darker the color the stronger the taste, FYI—which makes the batter more fiber- and protein-rich.

Scroll down for my high-protein, high-fiber pumpkin spice pancakes recipe.  Continue reading This pumpkin spice protein pancake recipe from healthy chef Lily Kunin is a Saturday morning game-changer →

Here’s how to tell if your sexual connection with someone new is healthy

Thanks to movies and TV shows, the picture of having sex with someone for the first time goes a little something like this: You meet up for dinner, make out all the way home, then knock everything off the kitchen table before some mind-blowingly awesome sex. But that’s not necessarily how things go down IRL.

Oftentimes, getting in bed with someone new is kind of awkward; you’re still getting to know each other, after all. And because of that, going the distance might not be as satisfying as you built it up in your mind. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to get better, though. In real relationships—not the TV ones!—it might take a handful of encounters to discover whether you have a true sexual connection.

“Ask whether you find yourself looking forward to getting naked with your new squeeze,”

“Most women can sometimes warm to a partner who didn’t initially do it for them,” sex and relationship expert Stephen Snyder, MD, told Women’s Health. “At the beginning of a relationship, you’re just getting the official tour. Sooner or later, you’ll want to go where they don’t take the tourists.” Spicy!

It might take a while to reach a relationship’s full sexual potential, but if you’re getting impatient, take your emotional temperature. “Ask whether you find yourself looking forward to getting naked with your new squeeze,” Snyder said. If you do, keep giving the relationship a chance. And if not, well: “Maybe consider breaking it off before you get too attached to them.”

Whether you decide to stick it out or not, don’t discount late bloomers. You never know what orgasm-worthy tricks someone has up their sleeve until they’re comfortable enough to unleash them.

In case you were wondering, this is the most popular time of the week to go all the way. And here’s how to have amazing sex using Kundalini yoga techniques.