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Let’s do this thang

It was a crazy, long day, even longer with a travel snafu + 3 hours of driving on top of flying all day. But, I made it! After an awesome dinner with the ZOOMA girls (thanks for letting me crash the party!) FaceTime with my loves, getting my clothes set [...]

Guac and rita

“Wow, that was a really bad meal at Guadalajara Grill.” -No one ever Liv and I met the Pilot at G Grill when he got off work this afternoon. We shared spicy table-made salsa and chips, had a date with our friend ‘Rita, and I enjoyed the Guac-o Tacos while he had the lobster-stuffed salmon. [...]

Got on my race face

Not many pics in the land of food for ya today.   Thank goodness I made a breakfast cookie so it would be ready- the whole house woke up at 7:45! I haven’t set an alarm in about 6 1/2 months for anything, knowing my little sidekick would get me up with pleeeeennnnty of time [...]