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Zen To Dynamic Stretching

It’s been three months, you’ve been hitting the gym routinely and you can’t see or feel any difference in your physique. So what you do is search the internet for some magical new workout routine that will help break this plateau; some possible w…

4 Ways to Increase your Life Force

Thereʼs a deep energy that runs through our bodies. If you sit still and silent, you can almost feel it flowing nonstop.
This energy keeps our hearts beating, our creativity flowing, and our thoughts and emotions active.
Itʼs what allows us to breathe, explore, and set our intentions. Life Force…..

Mud Run Training – 3 Essential Elements

Mud runs are the talk of the fitness world now-a-days. So naturally anyone that’s into fitness is going to think about running one. The bigest question on everyone’s mind is “how do I train for one?” Mud run training is tough. And the tougher you make the training, the easier the race will be….

Power Workouts – Limited Time & Space

Recently the idea of workouts that can be done with limited time, space and equipment have been something that has come to mind. Mainly as we all find ourselves short on time, space and lacking the equipment to do a proper workout – making it essential to be able to create a workout that can be done within these constraints.
Sure there are many workouts that we can do like Tabata’s or 1 Minute’s but these are just short variations of workouts to make things more exciting….