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7 New Workout Songs for December

Happy December! And before you go getting your holiday shop or bake on, why not work out with one of these new workout songs? They are the new tracks that are pumping us up this month, yo. via GIPHY If your workout playlist could use some new jams, pl…

The Best Workout Song of All Time

You voted on your absolute favorite workout songs from the 80s, the 90s, and the 2000s, giving us champions in each decade. Some of the battles got heated, and we had numerous underdogs fighting to be the best, but it came down to just three winner…

Best Workout Song Ever: Cast Your Vote

You know you’re an FBG when you hear a new song on the radio and immediate categorize according to whether it would be best for running or lifting or yoga or another workout entirely. #FBGProbs — they exist, but they’re not all bad….

Best Workout Songs of the 2000s: Gwen, Round 1

You may have already cast your votes in the Britney and Beyonce brackets (and, if you haven’t, hurry up! You don’t have much time left!), and now it’s time to move along to the Gwen bracket. That’s right, put your pom poms down…