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Winter Running: How to Not Freeze to Death

With the right gear, humans can run safely in temps down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. I know, shocking. I’m not suggesting that you want to (or should) do that though. I absolutely love to run in the winter but even I find that my comfort cutoff i…

My Fitness Budget: What I Save on and Splurge on for Workouts

My Fitness Budget: What I Save on and Splurge on for Workouts

Susan had the best idea for a Question of the Week about what we save on and what we splurge on when it comes to fitness. And, so far, the results have been super interesting! Susan invests in the comfort items but not a super crazy high-end bike, while Kristen spends more on gear and […]

Where I Save (and Splurge) on Fitness

save and spend money on fitness

Oh, boy. Our latest question of the week has come at a really interesting time for me. You see, I’m preparing to move to a new city, so I’ve been reevaluating my current fitness spending/saving habits to determine what will make the most sense when it comes time to start over. Should I find a […]

Link love: The gym dress code, pure foundation, and more

News from our friends around the web–energy drink secrets, pure foundation, and more.