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Podcast Episode 12: Bev Cooks Talks Food, Wine, Parenting and Music

You know who’s hilarious? Bev “Bev Cooks” Weidner. And if her comedic ramblings on her blog and Instagram weren’t enough to prove it, check her out on Snapchat (p.s. You’re welcome.). We’ve been stalking, er, we mean, follo…

See You in Oregon? Yes or Pinot?

Running on the West Coast is my favorite. I suspected this might be the case after I earned a PR at the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon. I’d trained hard leading up to that race, but the mix of awesome temperatures (humidity? What hum…

Red wine, without the alcohol?

All the antioxidants and anti-aging properties, none of the buzz (or hangover).

Does your favorite bottle of wine have high levels of arsenic in it?

A lawsuit fermenting in California could change the way you shop your neighborhood wine store.