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Biohacking: The Next Wave in Women’s Health

  Photo: Stocksy/Marija Kovac Optimizing Your Beauty, Brain Health, and Even Biology for Your Best Self  For this very special conversation, biohacking thought-leaders will explain the innovative theories and wellness practices behind our quest for optimization—and how science, supplements, skin care, and more are supporting your body in ways we never knew possible. The panel will […]

Wellness: The Big Picture

Focus While many people think of wellness only in physical terms (e.g., nutrition, fitness, stress reduction), its originators envisioned it as a multidimensional concept, also incorporating the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a human being…

We Want Wellness Instead of Illness

A little boy received two dollars from his father to spend in any way he chose. Walking through a toy store, the dollar bills burning in his hand, he first fondled a few plastic soldiers, then a rubber ball, then a bubble pipe and jar of soap. The more…

Why are there so many women wellness entrepreneurs? Claudia Chan explains

The creator of the upcoming S.H.E. Summit for female entrepreneurs says, “Women are excellent at creating products that help with our own problems.”