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The 4-move, no-equipment workout that helped Janet Jackson take back the stage

No cardio required.

This Is the Mindset You Need to Lose Weight

If you’ve ever dieted or tried to lose weight before, you’ve likely read a lot of different advice. And a lot of books. And been to a lot of websites. And tried a lot of products. So you, like, KNOW A LOT about what it takes to lose weight…

Are laxative teas good for your gut?

Here’s what you need to know before pouring yourself a cup of Smooth Move.

Sign Up Now: 10 in 4 Challenge Registration Open!

It’s our fave time of year again … 10 in 4 Challenge registration time! It’s been about a year since we first launched our weight-loss with self love program with one of Canada’s best trainers, Dave Smith, and, man, has it bee…