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Surprising Lessons from the Weight Room

I recently wrote about my experience hitting the heavy weights at the gym. How I got fed up with feeling intimidated and outnumbered over there and vowed to get comfortable with the heavy stuff. If you’re looking to do the same this year, may I …

Lifting Weights? The 6 Things You Must Do

A while ago I sought out a fitness pro to help me reboot my workout. After a couple of months I came away with a renewed enthusiasm for exercise and a slew of tips. For newbies and the seasoned veteran alike, these takeaways stand the test of time and…

“Strong”-Armed into Weight Training

I’m not the biggest fan of weight training. Put me on a bike or in front of a running trail, and I’ll go for hours, but weights? Not my jam. I know, I know … I should want to lift weights. Expert after expert will line up to tout the benefits …

Inside the badass world of female Strongman competitors

Why some women are spending their Saturdays flipping tires and lifting kegs (yes, those kegs).