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Walking With Luck

Walking With Luck

Dogs have got it figured out. They don’t run, play and generally move their furry little bodies because they have to. Daily exercise for our canine companions is not a study in tedium or a necessary chore; it’s a thing to celebrate. For my dog Lucky (aka Luck, Lou, Lucky Lou, Lubus, the Lubasonic — wow, […]

How to Support Your Endurance Athlete

support athlete

Deciding to compete in an endurance event is a big deal. When I first started contemplating the half-Iron distance, my coach made things very clear: Be prepared to sacrifice other aspects of your life for at least three or four months leading up to the race, or just don’t bother. And he was right — […]

Foam-Rolling 101: How to Use a Foam Roller

Foam-Rolling 101: How to Use a Foam Roller

Do you know what one of my FAVORITE tools is? The foam roller. It has seriously been my BFF and savior during all of my workouts, but especially was during my marathon training. And the best part is that although the foam roller seems a little weird to the first-timer, it’s super simple to use — and there’s […]

The Best Thing I Did This Year Is Only Two Letters Long

saying no

No. Nope. Nuh-uh. That’s it. That was my big, huge, ground-shifting, life-changing revelation this year. 2014 was the year of learning to say no … and mean it. Don’t misunderstand — I don’t say no to everything, all the time. Far from it, actually — case in point here! But this tiny little word has […]