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A Traditional Untraditional Turkey Trot

I have never done an official “turkey trot” race. Isn’t that funny? You would think that in all my years of FBG-dom and working with Brooks Running (remember: we’re a blog ambassador for them!) that I would have done at least o…

The One Thing That Doesn’t Belong at the Thanksgiving Table …

A lot of things belong on the Thanksgiving table. Turkey. Green beans. Mashed potatoes. Pie, of all varieties. But you know what you can go ahead and leave behind? Food guilt. Over on Fit Bottomed Eats, Kristen wrote a fantastic post about this. And i…

Weight-Loss Tips and Hints From Biggest Loser Contestants

Weight-Loss Tips and Hints From Biggest Loser Contestants

We’re halfway through season 16 of The Biggest Loser (check out our recaps!) and half the contestants are now continuing their weight loss at home. With arguably the biggest eating day of the year looming, we thought you could use a little inspiration and advice to not go completely off the rails this weekend, or if […]

5 easy ways to detox after Thanksgiving

Simple detox practices you can do anywhere (AKA your parents’ house) that will help you feel rejuvenated…just in time for the next holiday.