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How We’re Powering Up Our Brand One Charge at a Time

This post is sponsored by BIC Graphic. Find more on our sponsored post policy here. We’ve largely built our business and brand on word of mouth. Because, while we do have a massive mission to save the world from dieting and deprivation, we don&…

The Best Fitness Tracker for You

Being a Fit Bottomed Girl means trying out all the latest gear including wearables that track your fitness. A common question we get from readers is which tracker is best for their personal needs. Having collected a few of them over the past two years…

4 fitness trends that will be major in 2017, according to a Google insider

From in-pocket trainers to real-time food logging, tech-savvy sweating is definitely in.

The Best of CES 2017: Something for Everyone

The 50th annual CES (Consumer Electronic Show) just ended in Las Vegas. As usual, it was full of exciting product launches for those of us consumers who are into electronics. (Yes, please! You know what a data dork I can be) To me, one of the best n…