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Celebrate Veteran’s Day With This TRX Workout

You know how TRX workouts are one of our fave ways to get our strength-building sweat on? (It’s true, it’s true! See here, here and here.) Well, turns out, TRX has quite the history with the military, seeing that TRX was created by Randy…

TRX Workouts: Shoulder and Core Circuit

I didn’t swim — really swim — for over six months because my shoulder … kind of stopped working. And for a fish like me, it felt like eons. I love cutting through the water and pushing my limits, but when you can’t even r…

TRX Workouts: How to Use It for Yoga

trx headstand

Yoga is a funny beast. Some poses are so welcoming to beginners — Child’s Pose! Warrior I! — while others … well, it takes a little more practice and a whole lot of confidence before you’re ready to attempt them in a class setting. (I’m looking at you, Half Moon Pose.) It’s really nice to be […]

TRX Suspension Training Workout: 5 Do-Anywhere Exercises

TRX Suspension Training Workout: 5 Do-Anywhere Exercises

Recently, I was introduced to TRX training and I cannot get enough. TRX was developed and born in the Navy SEALs — that alone tells you it’s pretty badass. TRX suspension training combines strength, balance, core stability and flexibility. It’s a nice change from the stacks of weights many of us use to build muscle. It […]