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A Super Simple Step Toward Better Health

This post is sponsored by CW Hemp™. Find more on our sponsored post policy here. A month ago, I let you in on a new addition to my morning routine — a dropper full of Charlotte’s Web™ Hemp oil with cannabinoids from CW Hemp™.  And I&#…

What Are BCAAs?

I’ll admit that when talking about nutritional supplementation, you’ll lose me every time you start tossing around all the letters — vitamin K, CLA, TAG, CM … OMG, my head hurts. While I generally find proper nutrition to b…

Will GNC’s new regulations make your supplements safer?

The supplement shop on practically every street corner is introducing new quality control measures for its products—and it could affect the industry in a big way.

What you need to know about Alli hitting shelves again

The only FDA-approved weight loss supplement is back on the market—so what’s the deal?