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Strength Training

What’s it like to wield a steel mace during your workout? I tried it to find out

It’s pretty fun, once you get the swing of things.

Push, Pull & Twist Countdown Workout

Everybody has workouts they love and workouts they hate and workouts they love to hate. And everybody has their go-to workout for when they’re time-crunched at the gym. Today, I’m sharing one of my faves with you. I’ve written countl…

This Bodyweight-Only Workout Is Great When Traveling

The morning of the eclipse, I woke up with the desire to move. We had traveled to a friends’ house in Columbia, Mo., to see the total eclipse, and I hadn’t really planned on fitting in a workout, but I really, really wanted to the moment m…

This is the most empowering workout Emma Stone has ever done

“You get into a place that’s so amazing.”