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6 Best Workout Songs of 2016 (So Far!)

Can you believe 2016 is halfway behind us? While this year has been tearing along like a freight train, the music world has been treating us to really incredible tunes that are energizing and motivating. Here are our favorite 2016 workout songs,  so…

Last Chance to Vote For Your Favorite ’80s Workout Song!

We’ve gotten some awesome responses to our best workout songs of the Eighties survey, and we’re about to shut things down … so that we can get started on the brackets and the raddest playoff everrrrr! So! This is just a last call to cast your votes — here’s the link to the survey. We’ll […]

Best Workout Songs of the 1980s: You Tell Us!

best 80s songs

If you’ve been reading us for any period of time, you won’t be surprised to know that we really love the music of 80s. Like, a lot. There are so many great choices! Between the amazing songs from powerful movie soundtracks to the hits that inspired aerobics-themed music videos, the options are nearly endless. Which […]

What Running Song Fits Your Personality?

What Running Song Fits Your Personality?

If there was one song to describe your running personality, what would it be? Not sure? That’s okay! We have the perfect infographic from TempoRun (side note: a great app to help you find running songs with the best tempo for your pace!) that’ll help you to find the running song that fits your personality! Need […]