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On Running and Respect

woman running stadiums

I had an interesting conversation with a fellow runner this fall. She was a more serious runner than I, cranking out impressive race times, remaining focused on nutrition, coaching other runners and even helping to host races and events. Eventually, the conversation turned to race experiences and how a participant’s experience is likely to vary […]

How to Start Running (Today!)

running for beginners

Did you get swept up in the New Year’s spirit and decide that this will be the year that you become a runner? That. Is. AWESOME. In fact, you are awesome. And to help you put this (awesome) plan into action, we’ve compiled a few tips and resources just for beginner runners like you. Your […]

Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Favorite Runner

While it’s entirely possible to be a serious runner with no real gear other than shoes and the necessary clothing to cover your private bits, many runners will tell you that some of the other neat gear out there makes logging those miles a whole lot more fun. That being said, if you’re not a […]