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Row, Row — and What to Know

The World Rowing Championships (WRCH) began this weekend, and it’s an even bigger deal than usual for many of us because, for the first time over 20 years, it’s taking place in the United States. Not only that — it’s right in …

Workout I Did: Rowing and Planks

One of the best things about having awesome business partners who work out a lot is getting inspired for my own workouts after seeing what they’ve done. We share our workouts all the time here, but we recently joined Viber and have a Fit Bottom…

Confidence secrets from the woman who rowed across the ocean alone

Whether she’s running ultramarathons or rowing the entire ocean alone, Katie Spotz keeps calm under pressure. Her tips will help you do the same.

Indoor Rowing: What You Need to Know — and a Workout to Try It!

Indoor Rowing: What You Need to Know — and a Workout to Try It!

Have you tried indoor rowing yet? Ah, you have to! It’s such a great low-impact workout that’s full body and pretty darn fun. But, we’ll admit, if you’ve never been on the indoor rower before, it can be a bit intimidating. Or, actually, pretty easy to get your row on without the best of form if […]