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Post-Baby Body: I’m Easier on Myself

Post-Baby Body: I'm Easier on Myself

Over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, we’ve talked a lot lately about cutting ourselves some slack. From telling your inner critic to take a hike to writing yourself love letters, we’ve been all about self-love. I talked about whether moms are aware of the comments they make about their bodies now that they have kids—and little ears and eyes [...]

Being a Healthy—and Sometimes Muddy—Role Model for My Kids

Being a Healthy---and Sometimes Muddy---Role Model for My Kids

Seeing that it’s Love Yo’Self Week here on FBG, I thought it would be fun to talk about an added perk to loving yourself and treating yourself right with exercise and healthy eats: giving your family a healthy role model to look up to. As I’ve learned being a mom, it’s funny what 2-year-olds remember. [...]