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This Fun Workout Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

This Fun Workout Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Wish your workout felt more like play than exercise? This guest post is to the rescue! Andie is a busy mom and fitness enthusiast who — in the midst of raising three adorable kiddos — created the blog Maybe I Will to share her health and fitness tips, drool-worthy recipes and killer workouts that are all designed to […]

Stop Exercising — and Start Playing!

Stop Exercising --- and Start Playing!

This post by April Jennings on how to have more fun with your workouts is a part of our fourth-annual Guest Bloggers’ Week. (Check out all of the inspiring, informative, entertaining and life-changing posts here!) It originally appeared on Guide to Whole Living, a site written by two youthful women who love life and everything that comes along [...]

Spontaneous Play-Workouts

Playing is a fun and engaging way to get a good workout. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to play if you haven’t done it since you were a kid. Playgrounds invite creative movement, but adults don’t have designated play-zones. Instead, we have to learn to see our everyday surroundings with new eyes. Also, most fitness programs emphasize narrowly defined movements, so spontaneous play might seem sloppy or uncomfortable at first.
There are a lot of benefits to playing: it encourages natural, coordinated movement of the whole body, gets us outdoors, is a lot of fun, stimulates the mind, and is social….