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Podcast Episode 9: The Hilarious Tony Horton

You know who’s funny and ridiculously fit and gracious? Tony Horton. For this episode of our podcast, we got to talk to him and had THE BEST conversation. (Side note: he also gave us close to an hour of his time, which is super amazing for someo…

Fit Tip Friday: Try Tony Horton’s Super Burpee

Fit Tip Friday: Try Tony Horton's Super Burpee

Anyone remember when we mentioned in one of our Jamba Juice FiTrends Expo recap posts that THE Mr. Tony Horton had shown us a new crazy burpee that had us in total and complete awe? Well, we have cinematic proof. Or, you know, shaky iPhone video. Named by Tony as the official “Super Burpee,” it’s [...]

P90X2 Review: Yep, This Workout Is No Joke

P90X2 Review: Yep, This Workout Is No Joke

After loads of time away from working out, my hubby, a friend and I embarked upon the journey of P90X yet again, this time—P90X2. Our previous attempt at the program had essentially failed due to wedding planning and life in general getting in the way. Another added incentive was that my gym membership had been [...]