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New York City CrossFit

CrossFit Solace has lots of barbells, and also blow dryers

Manhattan’s newest box offers WODs alongside yoga classes, luxe design, and locker room amenities worthy of a spa.

Your new CrossFit trainer? Just the fittest woman on the planet

CrossFit Union Square, opening in late August, has tapped Icelandic athlete Annie Thorisdottir—called the planet’s fittest woman—to lead its training program.

Is “CrossFit chic” coming to New York City?

A new facility wants to up the ante on what a CrossFit box can be—with high design, luxe locker rooms, yoga, and more.

The New York City CrossFit Box Directory: Updated!

Your guide to all the boxes on the exploding CrossFit scene from the Bronx to South Brooklyn, with a handy map!