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the best-laid plans

Hi friends! Happy Monday! How was the weekend?? Hope it was fun and relaxing! Ours was… nothing like we had planned or expected. Remember how I said we were leaving to Georgia on Friday? Well, I TOTALLY JINXED US. Our flight was supposed to leave in the afternoon, so we kept P awake in hopes…

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Base life

Hi guys! I’m so glad you enjoyed this morning’s photography post. Lots of amazing tips in there! This morning, we said, “See ya later” to the moving truck, packed up with all of our stuff. I thought about taking a picture of the packed moving truck and all of our […]

Our next move

The military is a funny thing. Just when you think you have your life “kinda” planned out, they have an interesting way of rocking the boat When I first married the Pilot, it was my first real glimpse into the military lifestyle, as no one in my family had been […]