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My Favorite Healthy Birthday Traditions: Everything in Moderation

lemonade, strawberry lemonade cake, fbg birthday traditions

In honor of FBG’s Sixth Birthday, each of the FBGs this week sharing her healthy birthday traditions — or lack thereof! Read on for Tish’s favorite ways to celebrate a new year … Miss Erin already called me out on this particular FBG share. Like her, birthdays are synonymous with cocktails and cake for me. And I ain’t […]

Runners: You Still Need to Watch What You Eat

woman eating cupcake

Many running groups and endurance athletes are notorious for a couple of things: Getting up wicked early on a weekend to get in a long workout, and eating more than any non-runner their size could dream of putting away, especially immediately afterward. Hell, I’ve finished super long training runs at a decent clip simply because […]

Ignorance Is Bliss: The Flipside of Eating Well

gluten, gluten-free, eating healthy

When you know better, you do better. That’s what Oprah says anyways. So you’d assume that after finding the alkaline diet, eliminating dairy, gluten and sugar from my diet, and witnessing the benefits first hand, I’d never look back to the foods that left me feeling less than wonderful. You’d assume wrong. I had researched the [...]

Trader Joe’s, Welcome Home

Trader Joe's, Welcome Home

Trader Joe’s has opened a location in my city. After years of smuggling various nut butters and assorted treats home from other cities with a TJ’s, I can grab some Three-Layer Hummus on my way to my local Target. I’m a happy, happy gal. I stopped in the day after it opened and was thrilled [...]