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The weird habit that might mean you’re iron-deficient

A new study shows ice might give those with anemia a boost of brainpower.

The Mineral Requirements of Our Bodies

Many informed people are popping vitamins into their mouths; infants are given daily vitamin drops in their bottles; older people take iron and protein supplements; and vitamin C is the popular remedy now for the common cold rather than aspirin and oth…

The Confusion Over Minerals

A growing number of consumers are reading food labels for nutrition information. According to a survey conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation among 2,000 Americans eighteen years of age and older, shoppers are increasingly concerned with the nut…

Why Our Body Needs Supplemental Minerals

Some of the minerals we can take in supplemental form because our bodies require large quantities. But some minerals are needed in only trace amounts and supplementing with them becomes more worrisome. The Minerals that All of Us Need The mineral suppl…