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Fit Winter Gear You Need, No Matter What “Winter” Means to You

I live in the Midwest, and the winters here are, well, spastic. One day it’s sunny and I’m in a t-shirt; the next there’s a windchill of negative 10. So, to me, “winter” means a lot of things. Sometimes it’s seeing…

Perfect New Gear to Hit the Trails in

This time of year is glorious for getting active outdoors. Whether you’re walking in the park, going for a trail run or are hiking up a mountain, it’s all a great workout. And we have the latest gear for you to have the best hike/walk/run …

The Perfect Workout for When You’re Snowed in

Let me be up front about one thing: Since I live in Kansas City and did not get hit with the recent East Coast snowstorm (holy snow, Erin!), I can’t really complain about snow. But, it’s snowed a few inches here and it’s given me the…

Take a Walk in These 3 Active Boots

Take a Walk in These 3 Active Boots

These boots are made for walkin’. And that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days we recommend that these boots take a wonderful walk with you. Wait? That’s not how the song goes? ‘Cause, um, that’s what we’ve been singing when wearing and reviewing these fabulous active boots (Jenn the Jambu’s and Merrell’s; Erin the Ahnu’s!). […]