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The one type of meditation that will strengthen your relationship

It actually makes your brain learn to love more.

Go on a Gratitude Run

It’s safe to say that we all have stuff we’d like to change in the world — and in our lives. Like A LOT. And we should absolutely go out there and change and grow and speak our minds and make the world a better place. FOR SURE. But, …

Holistic healers are heading to the heartland—but is America ready for them?

A growing number of practitioners are leaving New York and Los Angeles to spread the woo-woo wellness gospel.

I Did Yoga Every Day for Three Months and Here’s What Happened

Usually after a workout hiatus, I am more than ready to hit the gym, get sweaty and return to my normal routine. But this time was different. The harsh realities of life had left me not only weak in body, but also in spirit — and the last thing …