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The Holistic Way to Stay Young

In holistic medicine, staying young is not done by dealing with a single system or function of the body, but with the application of multiple therapies and preventive measures to off set the effects of environmental stress. In his book, Stay Young, Dr….

Aromatherapy, Thalassotherapy and Phytotherapy

Aromatherapy may be the oldest of treatments. It is now seeing a rebirth among holistic thinkers. Aromatherapy is the use of natural essential oils through topical applications and inhalations to give a stimulating or tranquilizing effect, depending up…

The Case Against Going Through Therapy

That being the case, is there any sense in you or me going through therapy having surgery or taking drugs-while we still insult our nervous, hormonal, digestive, genito-urinary, enzymatic, musculo-skeletal, and vascular systems with inadequate nutritio…

Holistic Health Goes Beyond Preventive Medicine

Most people may not have called it by that term, but many have searched for better health or the treatment of illness through the use of alternative healing practices to orthodox medicine. They have adopted techniques of meditation, mind control, exerc…