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Manduka is hosting its first-ever sample sale in Los Angeles

Pieces from the eco-cool yoga brand’s past and recent collections are going for 50 percent off, at its El Segundo HQ. Here’s a head’s up to beat the crowds.

How to really clean your yoga mat

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Here’s how the pros say to keep your beloved mat spic and span. (Or just less gross.)

The yoga mat that’s the size of your living room

Manduka’s new mega-mat could turn your pad into a yoga studio.

Get Your Om on With These 5 New Yoga Goodies

Get Your Om on With These 5 New Yoga Goodies

Calling all yoga lovers! We have found five new yoga goodies that have us smitten. Whether you do yoga at home, on the go, in the studio, outdoors or, well, anywhere (there’s one you don’t even need to be doing yoga to rock), we think you’ll love ‘em! Say it with us now: OM!