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BBQ kale chips

I know, I know. Kale chips are so 2010. They’re right up there with quinoa, chia seeds, and… all those other things I really like. I just can’t help it.  And now that it’s Monday, I figured I’d hope back on the vegetable train after a weekend of blueberry mojitos […]

Make May Amazing + this month’s challenge!

I can’t believe it’s May already! So many exciting things on the way: Cinco de Drinko Mayo and Meg and Kyle’s wedding! I’ve been picturing Livi on the dance floor for at least 8 months now, and it’s finally almost here. Any tips for avoiding the dinosaur cry while I [...]

Make it Happen March workout plan

Spring is in the aiiiirr… Along with it: picnics, hikes (without being chilly!), wine on the balcony, dresses… I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’m also excited for another month to start fresh, kill it in the gym and build on from my Winter Shape Up results- hope [...]

Protein pancakes for the week

I feel like we ate a very grown-up little kid dinner last night: Maybe the ketchup is what takes it over the edge. My new kale salad obsession (which is a post in itself- see the jalapeño?!), butternut squash with ketchup and chicken sausage. (+ wine while I watched Girls, [...]