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7 drool-worthy avocado recipes

Possibly addicted to avocados? Us, too. So we’ve tapped a healthy culinary whiz to create a week’s worth of avocado recipes that are easy, creative, and delish.

Lianna Sugarman’s blended beverage crusade

With green juice brands multiplying faster than SoulCycle locations, LuliTonix thinks the future of drinking green lies with blends.

Recipe: The easiest (and most delicious) nut milk you’ll ever make

Forget almond. Make cashew milk, instead, says LuliTonix founder Lianna Sugarman. Here’s why, and how.

A blender-maven spills her detoxing body scrub recipe

A blender-maven spills her favorite detoxing body scrub recipe for winter. Bonus: It’s got just three ingredients.