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Sightseeing on the Run: My London Running Tour

I truly believe the best way to get a good feel for a city is by exploring it on foot. I didn’t fall in love with New York until I had an opportunity to stroll the streets from the Lower East Side up to Central Park — but from that day for…

5 London wellness hotspots worth their weight in airfare

Venice’s Kundalini goddess Guru Jagat hopped the pond to scout London’s burgeoning wellness scene. Here’s her insider take on its can’t-miss spots.

A celebrity chef’s simple recipe for homemade kimchi

Freaked out by making fermented foods? Take a cue—and an easy recipe—from Korean Food Made Simple host chef Judy Joo for healthy, spicy kimchi.

The Londoner who makes sure you don’t miss a workout

Well Aware will book your spin class, set up your deep tissue massage, and have green juice delivered to your office or hotel room.