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Keoni Hudoba

5 moves from Radius’ master trainers to take your workouts up a notch

Basheerah Ahmad, Alex Isaly, Natalie Uhling, Keoni Hudoba, and Nicky Holender are here to bring your 2015 sweat sessions to new heights.

NBC launches a big-deal online workout platform

With Radius, it’s the first major TV network to launch online fitness in a big, splashy way, with top trainers and smart integration with its TV programming.

Yup, there was a spin class outside the New York Stock Exchange today

A ride outside the New York Stock Exchange today, with Cyc’s Keoni Hudoba, celebrated the IPO of Everyday Health.

Learn to speak…indoor cycling

The basic vocab you’ll need to communicate (and look cool) during your first indoor cycling class or in any future situation where the cycling-obsessed can be found.