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A Ring for All of Your Workouts and Active Adventures

At least three days out of every week, I don’t wear my wedding ring. It’s not that I don’t love my wedding ring or husband or that I’m not proud of my marriage. I am. It’s just that it doesn’t go with working out. Es…

Monday Giveaway: Jewelry for Your Fitbit

Is your goal to be more fit and fashionable in 2016? If so, this jewelry for your Fitbit giveaway is sooo for you. You guys already know that we’re huge fans of Bezels & Bytes. And we are super duper pumped that today we’re giving aw…

How to Meditate on the Go (Using Jewelry!)


The fact that meditation is good for you has become fairly common knowledge, but knowing that it’s good for you is one thing — making time and space to actually do it is another. Carole Shashona knows that as well as anyone, and after establishing a career as the first female Grand Master in Feng Shui, […]

Inspirational Jewelry That Motivates

inspirational jewelry

Jewelry and workouts don’t exactly go together. But, these inspirational jewelry pieces and fit-themed accessories have us rethinking that. Or, are at least making us rock a more mindful and fitness-centered life even when we’re not in workout clothes. From motivating us to be our best to helping remind us to keep going step after step […]