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Podcast Episode 44: Devyn Sisson and ‘Kitchen Intuition’

In this episode we have a fun chat with self-taught chef and self-declared “foodie extraordinaire” Devyn Sisson. Devyn recently wrote Kitchen Intuition, and is the daughter of Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. So, it’s pretty darn s…

Kelsey Miller Discusses Her Book ‘Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life’

Kelsey Miller had a very successful professional life, working on film and media projects (including Sex & The City!) and writing for the uber popular fashion site Refinery 29, but deep down she was terribly unhappy. For years Kelsey struggled wit…

One Way to Resist the Urge to Overindulge

One Way to Resist the Urge to Overindulge

You’re there at dinner. You’ve cleaned your plate of whatever deliciousness you whipped up. You’re satisfied, yet you want more. But you know that as soon as you finish that second helping, you’ll be uncomfortably full. Have-to-unzip-your-pants full. Is there any way to help you resist the temptation to scoop up more while you wait […]

We Have Two Ears and One Mouth For a Reason: Why This Was The Best Thing I Did All Year

It’s that time of the year when my brain hits nostalgia mode. I start collecting my documented memories for my annual Year in Review video I make for family and friends and that naturally leads me to a period of reflection: what I did for the year; what I am most proud of and how far […]