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Circuit and Interval Training

Focus Two popular aerobic cross-training methods are: (a) circuit training, and (b) interval training. They are often used by individuals in the maintenance phase of conditioning who want variety in their workouts in order to prevent boredom and injury…

This fitness studio has sights on your hometown

Fast-growing, interval-training method Orangetheory is set to hit 100 studios this April. Here’s where it’s setting up its workout toys next.

Class Action: PT6 at Focus NYC

During this cool, high-tech workout, you get small group training and extra help from fitness tutorials playing on iPads mounted throughout the modern gym.

Class Action: Summit at Exceed Physical Culture

The Upper East Side studio’s signature class uses lots of toys—kettlebells, TRXs, Bosus, and more—in a butt-kicking, body-changing interval format.