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Your Illustrated Guide to CrossFit

We’ve written about CrossFit quite a bit. Because — especially for the beginner — there’s a lot to learn. Like, what the lingo means. The myths. The workouts. The gear. And, how to stay injury-free. And this infographic created…

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sweat (and More!)

Ever wondered if you sweat more than the normal person? Why sweat from some areas (ew) smells worse than when it’s from other areas? And what you can do about it if you are a hot, sweaty mess even when you’re not in the gym? This infograph…

20-Minute At-Home Body-Weight Workout

Got a busy job? A busy life? Haven’t found a gym you love? Dude, home workouts can be AWESOME. You can do them when you want, in whatever you want (PJs … undies … shoes or no shoes … anything!) with no drive time to factor in….

How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout on the Treadmill

Confession: I kind of love the treadmill. I don’t have one at my gym so any time I’m traveling and am in a hotel fitness center that has one, I’ll always try to hop on for some interval running or just a light jog. I find them so con…