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How 7 busy women make time to meditate

When your to-do list is massive and days are crazy full, stopping to meditate isn’t exactly easy. But here’s how incredibly busy women make it happen—so you can, too.

3 apps that help you use your smartphone to meditate, not play Words With Friends

While nothing can compete with a Sharon Salzberg or a Josh Korda for meditation guidance, the apps we test-drove here are surprisingly good for gadgets.

The top 5 meditation teachers who make it easier to sit with yourself

Fidgeting on your meditation pillow—or ignoring it altogether? Meet the teachers who’ll help make meditation less frustrating and more, well, enlightening.

Which meditation style is right for you?

Can’t sit still and empty your thoughts? One of these five styles of meditation may be a better fit, explains Deepak Chopra apprentice and author, davidji.