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Workout & Meal Diary – Sunday 07/10/12

Hey everyone, So lately I’ve been getting a few of the same requests asking about what I eat each day and how I train so I thought I would log everything for you so you can see for yourselves. I’ll try my best every day to update [...]

Maximuscle Promax & Thermobol Review

The end is here already my Maximuscle product review has come to an end, while eating clean and training hard I have been using Maximuscle products to see how they hold up with their reputation of being the UK No1 sports nutrition company. I have been …

Back Workout

Back workout This Back workout is high intensity and is designed to work the entire back, to build both width and thickness by targeting the three primary areas of the back.. the trapezius muscles in the upper back, the latissimus dorsi muscles in the …

Chest Workout

Chest Workout  This chest workout is high intensity and is designed to work the chest from every angle. As a result of this it is recommended that you do this workout as part of a single muscle group each day workout. In total you will be performing […