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The Holistic Way to Stay Young

In holistic medicine, staying young is not done by dealing with a single system or function of the body, but with the application of multiple therapies and preventive measures to off set the effects of environmental stress. In his book, Stay Young, Dr….

The Concrete Alternative to the Existing Health System

Holistic medicine provides perspective and a direction for the personal health choices we face. It is a concrete alternative to the existing medical system, and we definitely require such an alternative. In his book, The End of Medicine, attorney Rick …

Tools and Techniques Used in Holistic Medicine

The holistic doctor does not confine his thinking to orthodox methods alone. He employs many alternatives in addition to what is traditional in allopathic medicine. There are four different categories of alternatives: 1. The accepted Western medical te…

The Prevention Approach to Health Care

The ultimate in patient care and self-healing is prevention. It is the holistic approach to optimum health, a means of warding off threats of disorder and disease. The prevention approach to health care gives major benefits. It helps you to avoid causa…