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Hiking in Breckenridge in My New Favorite Kicks

Back in June, I went hiking for the first time across three states: Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Again, it was my first time. Wanna know how much we hiked? 117 MILES. I thought my feet were literally going to disintegrate. But pain aside, I’ve f…

Perfect New Gear to Hit the Trails in

This time of year is glorious for getting active outdoors. Whether you’re walking in the park, going for a trail run or are hiking up a mountain, it’s all a great workout. And we have the latest gear for you to have the best hike/walk/run …

The Perfect Workout for When You’re Snowed in

Let me be up front about one thing: Since I live in Kansas City and did not get hit with the recent East Coast snowstorm (holy snow, Erin!), I can’t really complain about snow. But, it’s snowed a few inches here and it’s given me the…

Counting Smiles Rather Than Steps

Counting Smiles Rather Than Steps

I love the way activity trackers keep people aware and accountable when it comes to staying active. I feel like, at least in my circle of friends, it’s far more likely for someone to be proud of hitting 10k steps every day for a week or running a new distance rather than, say fitting into […]