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Spring Cleaning and Organization? It’s in the Bag

spring cleaning

As I may have mentioned a time or two, I’m in the process of moving to a new city, and while I’ve certainly had moments of complete overwhelm when thinking about packing my life up into a truckload of boxes, there’s another part of me that’s positively embracing this opportunity. Packing forces me to go […]

7 New Gym Bag Essentials

7 New Gym Bag Essentials

You’ve got your gym bag essentials packed: your clothes, your shoes, your socks, your sports bra, a hair-tie — but what about all the other stuff you need to leave the gym so that you feel nice and fresh and ready to get on with your day? (Granted, many times we just head out all […]

Inside a fashion editor’s gym bag

Shiona Turini is a fashion market director and a marathon runner. Here’s what she packs in her chic gym tote.

What’s inside your gym bag? Well+Good co-founder Alexia Brue unzips hers

Equinox’s Q Blog features the stylish gym-bag contents Alexia totes to her workouts. Check it out, and tell us, what’s indispensable in your gym bag?