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And the Simply Buff and Beautiful Award Goes to …

The following is a post sponsored by Chobani. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Were the Oscars Sunday night awesome or what? We are still cracking up at some of Ellen’s jokes and how she fed the celebs pizza. Awesome. And the dresses? Oh, the dresses! There was so much gorgeousness on the red carpet this year, […]

6 common myths about Greek yogurt

Different brands use different recipes, which means the protein, sugar, and added ingredients can range a whole lot. Here, we set the record straight.

Is skyr the next Greek yogurt?

Barre-class lovers to triathletes sing Greek yogurt’s protein-and-probiotic praises. But a Nordic rival, called skyr, may just upset its reign, Vikings-style.

3 new ways to get your Greek yogurt fix

Companies are coming up with novel ways to serve ever-popular, protein-packed Greek yogurt—from dessert pops to spreads.