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DIY Granola Bars

DIY Granola Bars

Store-bought granola bars are one thing, but these DIY granola bars with yummy apricot and coconut in them? Yeah, we’re a fan. You can get the whole recipe over on Fit Bottomed Mamas here. And we totally encourage you to try it. There’s nothing like making your own food so that you know exactly what’s […]

YaffBar: A Snack for You and Your Pup on the Go!

YaffBar: A Snack for You and Your Pup on the Go!

We humans are awfully close with our pets. We work out together, we sleep together, we vacation together, and, yes, now we can snack together! That’s right, YaffBar was designed for you to share — with your dog. Made from all-natural ingredients, YaffBars have protein and fiber — and they’re totally pet friendly with no wheat, no […]

Not to Get All High and Mighty But…

Not to Get All High and Mighty But...

With a name like High & Mighty, these bars that NutriFit sent us to try recently have a lot to live up to. And do they? Well, yeah, they pretty much do. While probably not my favorite bar of all time, these are dang delicious with nutritional stats that can’t be beat (excect for more [...]

Head-to-Head Taste-Off: Luna Fiber vs. ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple


Today’s head-to-head taste-off pits the new Luna Fiber bars against Perfectly Simply by ZonePerfect. They both have their pros, their cons…but one will be determined the winner! Luna Fiber Bars We have a long history of loving on Luna. And we’ve even given their protein bars a Noshie before, so when they asked us to [...]