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26 Hilarious Thoughts You Have During a CrossFit WOD

We did it for hot yoga and winter running. And now, behold, the 26 hilarious thoughts you have during a CrossFit WOD … Before Class I can’t wait to work out. via GIPHY Speaking of, I wonder what the WOD is today. via GIPHY Wait, THAT&#8217…

That Time I Went to the Gym But Came Home and Lifted Wine Bottles Instead

I recently joined Planet Fitness. I’ve been struggling with my exercise regimen recently, so I was excited for the option to have the personal trainer there create a workout for me. The trainer and I met a few weeks ago to create my plan. We dec…

Hilarious Spoof: How to Spice Up Your Water

For the record: We like infused water. We recommend it. We drink it. But, this spoof on how you can spice up your water is just too damn funny. Because, if you can’t laugh at yourself, that’s just no fun. Move over, Brad Pitt. My Ryan Gosl…

Your Workout: in Emoji

I remember last year around the time of Wimbledon Roger Federer put out some pretty epic Tweets that described his day with the subtle yet effective language of emoji.