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Things That Make You Go Om: Yoga Solutions We Love

yoga solutions

The beauty of yoga is that you really need very little in order to practice. Just space, time, a little knowledge and the desire to do it. You can go flow through a few poses almost anywhere! But, if you’re stepping out for a class or looking to enhance your home practice, maybe you’ve run […]

The Fitnessista’s Booty Blast Circuit

The Fitnessista’s Booty Blast Circuit

Seeing that we are the Fit Bottomed Girls and all, we do love ourselves a good booty burning workout. So when a copy of our virtual bud Gina’s book HIIT It!: The Fitnessista’s Get More from Less Workout and Diet Plan to Lose Weight and Feel Great Fast arrived on our doorstep just filled to the brim […]

Back Pain and Yoga: A Dude’s Yoga Book Review

yoga book review

Hi, I’m Jared, and I’ve got a real pain in the … back. I’ve been dealing with this for about eight months, during which time I’ve done a lot of research on possible causes and solutions, so when my wife, FBG Kristen, asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing a book called Yoga: The […]

Total Foam Rolling Techniques Book Review

foam rolling book

Back in high school, after a long volleyball practice, we’d do what we called “ball massages” (and now that I type it, it sounds a lot dirtier than it was) where we’d lay back on a volleyball on the floor and let it roll along sore or stiff muscles to help loosen them up. It […]