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Dining in Portland

Oh Voodoo Donuts, it was hard to say goodbye. While we were in Portland. we ate at some seriously amazing places. Everything seemed to have a local and seasonal emphasis, and I was blown away by the availability of vegan/veggie options. Visiting a city like Portland always gives me a [...]

Fitbloggin’: Conference recap

[Warning: long photo bomb of a post ahead] I haven’t been to a ton of blog conferences in my 5 years of blogging, but of those I’ve attended, Fitbloggin’ was by far my favorite. It made me wish I would have gone sooner! Roni, who founded Fitbloggin’ and coordinates everything [...]

6/28: Friday Faves

-Coffee kombucha. Say whaaaaat?! It was just as glorious as it looks. Sweet, a nice little jolt, and the lovely ‘bucha fizz I love so dearly. I can’t wait to try this again, or make an at-home version! -These popsicles from Whole Foods. I’m on a “tropical everything” kick right [...]