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Fit Tip Friday

Ready for Your Big Race? Tips to FBG-ify Your Experience

race finish line

There are races, and then there are races. You know what I mean. Some of them, you show up that morning to register, pin on your bib as you sidle over to the starting line and do your thing. No sweat, no big deal. It’s not stressful, but it’s also not necessarily all that memorable. […]

Denise Austin’s Best New Year’s Fit Tip — And We Love It

Denise Austin's Best New Year's Fit Tip --- And We Love It

Today’s Fit Tip Friday is special, guys. Not only because it’s New Year New Rear Week but also because it’s from freakin’ Denise Austin! She’s pretty much the queen of workout DVDs, and she totally rocks our fit world. We got the chance to ask her to share her best overall New Year fit tip for […]

Pro Tips for Banishing Fat Talk

How often have you listened to a friend gripe about her thighs or belly only to reply with something along the lines of, “Oh, stop, you’re gorgeous. But I know what you mean — mine are so flabby!” Hopefully, you don’t say anything like that much, but chances are, you’ve been guilty of it at […]

Fit Tip Friday: Keeping Track of Your Shoes’ Mileage

Fit Tip Friday: Keeping Track of Your Shoes' Mileage

Did you know that your running shoe has an expiration date? Most folks will tell you that a good shoe should last you around 300 miles. That being said, people go to some creative lengths to ensure they’re keeping track. I’ve never been good at keeping score though. If you ask me to write down [...]