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Epic Quest

Life is a Game: A Major Epic Quest Update (Plus, a Request!)

As kids we have all sorts of dreams and fantasies…defeating the dragon, visiting far off lands, going on grand adventures. As adults, we continue to dream, but more often than not, we never act. This was me, five and a half years ago when I started Nerd Fitness with the tagline “Level Up Your Life.” Having never […]

Lean In: Lessons From My Croatian Adventure

I recently spent a few weeks in Europe crossing a some things off my Epic Quest of Awesome. This all started few years back when I decided to stop living through a computer screen and start looking at life like a giant video game. Since then I have done everything I can to become a real life Indiana Jones (and occasionally […]

Boards Don’t Hit Back: The Legend of Bruce Lee

Today is a special day. We are going to discuss one of my heroes, and probably one of your heroes. The man, the myth, the legend: Bruce Lee.  If he’s not your hero yet, he soon will be. If you are a nerd, you love Bruce Lee.   If you are into Martial Arts, you […]

8 Lessons Learned From a Failed Mountain Climb

So, I failed. We didn’t even come close. Last weekend I flew into Boston and headed up to Baxter State Park in Maine with seven friends; we had the intention of summiting Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine and 2nd most difficult ‘climb’ in New England. Welp, things didn’t work out quite like we had […]